According to Proposition 215, residents of the state of California who become medical marijuana patients are legally allowed to possess marijuana for medicinal purposes. In order to be considered a patient you must obtain a valid doctor’s recommendation from a California licensed physician.

We provide a stress-free, positive environment where patients in need of medical marijuana can receive a cost-effective, expert evaluation by a licensed medical professional. Qualified patients receive a physician's recommendation allowing them the legal use of Medical Marijuana. We understand you may need assistance along the way. We are standing by ready to help you, and answer any questions you may have.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Be careful of unethical practices. Some unethical clinics are charging clients extra for so-called "cultivation licenses" which supposedly entitle them to grow or possess higher quantities of marijuana. There is no such thing as a "cultivation license" according to California law. According to a Supreme Court ruling any patient with a California physician's recommendation may legally cultivate or possess as much marijuana as they need for their own personal medical use, and no more. No physician can authorize them to cultivate or posses more. That being said, please be aware, the attorney's generals original guidance on proposition 215 states that patients are to have no more that 8 ounces of processed marijuana and/or to cultivate no more that 6 mature plants. If you are found with amounts greater than that, you could potentially be asked to go in front of a judge and explain why you require more. If you become a patient and anticipate that you will need amounts greater than those recommended by the attorney general we highly recommend applying for a San Diego County Medical Marijuana Identification Card. For more information on the San Diego MMIC Program go to .

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